Rural Health Subsidy Support

Under the FCC’s Rural Healthcare Program, eligible rural providers can receive a minimum 65% subsidy on eligible expenses.

Additionally, certain non-rural providers in consortiums can receive subsidies for their urban locations if their rural sites equal more than 50% of their total number of facilities. If you’re not applying for and claiming this subsidy, you could be leaving substantial funds on the table.

SpectraCorp helps you claim the funding that’s rightfully yours. Cutting through the government red tape, we leverage our decades of healthcare and telecom expertise to determine how much your company should be reimbursed for telecom expenses. We connect you with a third-party filing partner, and, together, we supervise a seamless filing process, tracking the series of government filing deadlines and changing criteria each year – and we make sure it happens on time, every time. Applying our own expertise and that of our partner, we check and double-check every detail to ensure that you receive the maximum amount for which you qualify.

It’s detailed, labor-intensive work, but we make it easy, and the payoff is worth it for your healthcare enterprise.

SpectraCorp and the Rural Healthcare Program (RHCP)

    • We work as an advocate for 35% of all healthcare organizations that participate in the RHCP
    • We support more than 2,000 facilities that receive funds from the RHCP
    • We don’t collect a penny until you receive your reimbursement
    • We leverage decades of telecom industry experience to ensure that you receive maximum reimbursement
    • We take care of all the details, saving you the hundreds of hours of labor to claim your funds
    • We manage the entire process from beginning to end every year


Find out how you can take full advantage of the RHCP. Call us at 1-877-695-7945.

Learn more about the RHCP from the Federal Communications Commission and the Universal Service Administrative Company.