Communications Services for Healthcare Enterprises

SpectraCorp works as an advocate for its customers on a number of fronts.

Many choose us to help them save money through government subsidies and operational efficiencies, while others trust us to ensure their compliance with language access regulations.


Rural Health Subsidy Support

Did you know the Federal Communications Commission provides $400 million to eligible healthcare providers for data and telecom? And $150 million of that is left unclaimed every year? If you’re not applying for and claiming this subsidy, your facility could be leaving substantial funds on the table. We’re here to help.


Language Access Services

SpectraCorp supports the core mission of healthcare organizations to provide the best care for ALL patients. Frequently, this means ensuring clear communication, regardless of language, between patients, providers, physicians and administrators. To that end, we not only provide interpretation and translation of more than 200 languages but we also document and report these services so that your facility can prove compliance.


California Teleconnect Fund

Every year, the California Teleconnect Fund provides community nonprofits, including healthcare organizations, with $92 million in discounts for telecommunications charges. If your business qualifies, operates in California and isn’t taking advantage of this program, you’re throwing away money. The good news is SpectraCorp can help.