You are eligible to receive funding from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program if your health care site meets all of the following criteria.

Your site:

  1. Must be a public or nonprofit entity
  2. Must be one of the following types of facilities:
    • A post-secondary educational institution offering healthcare instruction, such as teaching hospitals or medical schools,
    • A community health center or health center providing healthcare to migrants,
    • A local health department or agency,
    • A community mental health center,
    • A not-for-profit hospital,
    • A rural health clinic,
    • A dedicated emergency room of a rural for-profit hospital
    • A skilled nursing facility (SNF), or
    • A consortium of health care providers (HCPs) that includes at least one of the facilities mentioned in (a) through (h).
  3. Must be in a rural location as defined by the FCC. If your site is not located in a rural area, it still may be eligible to apply to the HCF program as part of a consortium